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ConEmu – split setup for Node.js

I’m a big fan of ConEmu. I’ve recently starting making use of the split console capability, as shown below

ConEmu Split Screen

Getting the split screen is easy, you just have to select the option in the new console window dialog

ConEmu New Console Dialog

Here’s the triple split that I typically use for Node.js development:

ConEmu Triple Split

What I really want though is my split screen setup in one easy step. Fortunately that’s possible with little effort through some additional commands in ConEmu’s Tasks option. What I did was created a new task called Node.js with the following options:

ConEmu Task Setup


  • Node.js – this is just the task name
  • Commands
    • The > before powershell.exe means that I want this console to be the active one when I start the task
    • powershell.exe is listed three times, delimited by empty lines, this means I want powershell to open 3 times
    • The second powershell.exe has the option -cur_console:as30H, meaning that I want it to be a horizontal split at the size of 30%
    • The third powershell.exe has the option -cur_console:as30V, meaning that I want it to be a vertical split at the size of 30%. Since this comes after the second command, it will be split under the second console, as shown in the screenshot above
    • Additional option: -noexit -command “$host.UI.RawUI.WindowTitle=’NodeJS'” means that I want to set the title of the tab to NodeJS

Now I can get my triple split setup just by selecting the new task:

ConEmu New Console Dialog - NodeJS

Hopefully this is useful to someone else. 🙂


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