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Coding Fonts: Envy Code R, Consolas, and Adobe’s Source Code Pro in Visual Studio 2012

Being a bit of a font geek (a little, not much), I am always on the lookout for a better coding font.  As a long time user of Microsoft’s Consolas, and Damien Guard’s Envy Code R, I was excited to try out Adobe’s new entry, Source Code Pro.  I always want to see a comparison between what I use and the new font in question. So here are the comparisons:

The first thing that I notice between Envy Code R and Source Code Pro is the difference in width.  I have both of these dialed up to 11. Envy Code R is a little more subtle on distinguishing letters which can be commonly confused, such as 1 and l, O and 0, and so on.  Even though I can fit more code on the screen with Envy Code R, it might be worth trying Source Code Pro for a while to see if it is generally easier to read.

(Source Code Pro on top, Envy Code R on the bottom)

Next we have Microsoft’s Consolas vs Adobe’s Source Code Pro.  Again, more code fits onto the screen with Consolas over Source Code Pro; not only horizontally, but also vertically. I do like the sweeping bottoms of Source Code Pro’s lower case L and I over Consolas, which are conversely flat. Compared to Source Code Pro, Consolas just looks harsh.  Of course it’s not nearly as harsh as something like Courier New, but in this comparison, it’s clearly not the winner.

(Source Code Pro on top, Consolas on the bottom)

I’m pretty much over using Consolas. It’s still a nice font, but when I start to focus in on the parts of it that I really don’t care for, those parts become difficult to ignore.  Envy Code R is my font of choice, but I will give Source Code Pro at least a week of trial before giving it a final thumbs up or down.


Visual Studio Silverlight 4 Tools and Resharper Beta snafu & forehead slap

While trying to install Silverlight 4 Tools for Visual Studio this morning, I kept getting this crazy error message “Incompatible processes check” “Submit Exception”.


After wasting about 10 minutes searching, and another 20 redownloading the tools and attempting to install again, I came to the realization that “Submit Exception” was in a list of what should be Window Titles.. and sure enough, Resharper Beta threw up, and wanted me to submit an exception:


well I feel stupid.. Smile

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Getting back into blogging again

Due to a lot of reasons (changing jobs, having the sucktastic WebHost4Life as a host, family stuff, etc), I’ve not had a lot of time for blogging.  One of my goals for 2011 is to get back into serious blogging. Taking a tip from friend and coworker Adron Hall, I’m moving everything over to a hosted WordPress account instead of wasting time with WebHost4Death. At this point I’m not certain if I’m going to port old posts over from my current blog, or my previous to that blog (from years ago), or if I’ll just start of a new. We’ll see. 🙂

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